Bengaluru: While some of the auto drivers in India refuse to drop their passengers if not agreed to their price, there are some like Babu Muddrappa who make sure their passenger is comfortable and go out of their ways to help if need be.

On April 15, Babu was on his way home in Whitefield after dropping a passenger at the railway station. It was around 2:30 pm in the afternoon when he heard a pregnant woman cry in pain. When nobody was ready to take her to the hospital, it was Babu who volunteered to do so.

Speaking to The Better India, Babu said, “I felt sorry for the lady who was in labour, and at the same time, I was furious with people’s behaviour towards her. I took her to Vydahi hospital where the doctors asked us to go C V Raman hospital.”
“Unfortunately, to admit any patient, filling the admission form is a requirement in most hospitals. She was already in a lot of pain, so instead of searching for her relatives, I filled the form. My conscience did not allow me to leave,” he added.

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The lady gave her name as Nanditha and Babu did the needful. He waited till the baby girl was delivered around 6:30 pm but since it was a premature birth, she suffered from a severe breathing problem. Though he spent that day in the hospital without worrying about the income he lost, he even took care of the infant and the required admission procedure for the same to get her medical attention in the Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital.

He could only make it home the next morning and hurried to change into a fresh pair of clothes to leave and check on the mother, only to realise she had fled.

He was disheartened and appalled as to how a parent could do so. He mentioned he has children too and that’s the worst thing a parent can do.
For the next 18 days, he kept a check on the baby and took care of everything that was required for her health, be it paying the hospital bills or buying the medicines, Babu took care of the baby girl as her own.

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“Those 18 days I did not think about anything but the baby. I was terrified in the beginning, but my wife supported me and even hinted towards adopting the infant. The child’s health also started improving,” Babu said.
Unfortunately, the baby’s health deteriorated on May 4, and she succumbed to health problems.
“The doctors called me early in the morning and informed me that premature babies have a low survival rate and the girl passed away after coughing blood. I wanted to perform death rites for the infant, but the hospital did not permit me,” he added.


For days Babu was sad, she became his own. He even lodged a complaint against Nanditha at the Indiranagar Police station to ensure that no parent does this to their child.

Talking to Bangalore Mirror He refused to reveal how much money he spent on the child and bills “The time and money I spent is immaterial. She was like my own child. No one keeps an account of how much we spend on our children’s food or hospital expenses”.

This isn’t the first time Babu has handled his duty and responsibility so well. In the past, he has returned a left wallet, took a man to the hospital in the hour of need and has hardly refused a ride to any passenger.
“Every passenger is like a God for me. They are helping me earn money with which I can provide the best to my children, wife and parents. Helping a fellow human is not a task for me. It is a good deed, and I will continue to do so till I die,” Babu said.

Drivers like Babu Muddrappa set the right example of humanity, duty and responsibility. And most importantly, how to help one another and just simply, be kind. The Indian Feed admires Babu, his hard work and his will to do better for the humankind and alike.

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