As we are boasting around that we are living in 21st century, BA final year students of St. Joseph college are being taught the benefits of dowry system(with the perspective of dowry takers). Shocked? Well, there is no authenticated textbook but photocopied notes that are provided to them by the College authority. An alert citizen named Rithika Ramesh has brought to the notice of Netizens and has shared the screenshots on her Facebook wall.

Let’s see what are the advantages of Dowry system that we have failed to notice

  • It helps in the marriage of ugly girls 
  • Dowry maintains harmony and unity in the family
  • Dowry helps in getting a better status in the society
  • Dowry attracts good, handsome and sometimes unwilling boys for the marriage

So, we still wonder who they indicate as ‘ugly’ here? Probably the ones who don’t fall into the standards of beauty set by society. And now that Indian Judiciary has declared the right of daughters on parent’s property, they say dowry brings harmony in the family! What else is harmony, the bride getting burned by in-laws for ‘more’?


It’s awful, that though the notes say ‘it’s not recommended’ they don’t use strong words to denote that it’s wrong by law and should be abolished.Taking or giving dowry is already punishable offense and even though the book is showing the merits of dowry with the viewpoint of dowry supporters, the language is problematic and the points that are mentioned looks more like giving us reasons for why we should take dowry.

Here is the original post by Rithika

The way used by the book of condemning the dowry is like someone teaching kids why the rapists think it’s ok to rape someone or seven points why a murderer thinks its okay to murder. Instead of making them aware it will surely do some more damage to their thought process by exposing them to a disturbing mentality.This is the ugly face of education.

Let us know how far you agree to the ‘advantages’ mentioned here.

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