A 30-year-old Bengaluru woman was attacked by an OLA cab driver and abducted on her way to the airport. Kajol, boarded the cab on a Wednesday night from Banaswadi to go to Kempegowda International Airport around 11:30 pm. Instead of heading to the airport, the cab driver took her to Devanahalli confirmed the police officials.

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“She sensed something was wrong when the cab did not take the route to the airport and instead headed towards Yelahanka junction. She claimed that the driver did not slow down and was instead going at a high speed at the junction” a police official at Chikkajala police station told TNM.

When the cab slowed down near a toll booth Kajala knew it’s her last chance and started shouting. The woman was rescued when some motorists saw her on the toll booth and blocked the taxi’s path near the KIA toll plaza on Balla. The motorists then pulled the cab driver Suresh Kumar, 28, a resident of Subbaiahnapalya, Banasawadi, East Bengaluru, out of his vehicle and called the Chikkajala police who then took him in their custody.

The woman was then booked a cab by the police to reach the airport just in time for her flight. Police booked Suresh under Indian Penal Code Sections 354(outraging modesty of a woman), 360 (kidnapping) and driving while drunk.“I found that the driver was drunk. I noticed him repeatedly looking at me through the rear-view mirror. I covered my face with a shawl and pretended to doze. On reaching the Yelahanka Junction, he pressed the accelerator and the vehicle began moving at over 100 kmph,” she said.


“As we neared the up-ramp to the trumpet intersection leading to the airport, I noticed that the driver did not slow down. The vehicle was moving on the extreme right of the road and I asked him how he would take the ramp at such high speed. He did not answer. Raising my voice, I asked him again but there was no reply. I sensed something amiss and I shouted at him to stop the vehicle but he continued,” she told TOI.

Ola meanwhile has released a statement that said, “We are deeply disturbed to know about the incident. The cab involved has been removed from our platform. We are extending all needed support to the customer. Additionally, we are also engaging with the police to lend assistance in their ongoing investigation.”

The driver says that the allegations put on him are false and that he took a different route to evade the poll tax. Meanwhile, when the police did a thorough investigation of the driver, he turned out to be clean in his past records.
It is important for the agencies to hire drivers who are well-trained and safe to rely on. Kajol reacted well in what situation she got into, but not everybody does and we should learn this from her. To be spontaneous and to be careful.

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