At a time when we are worried about the women safety status in India an ugly trend of registering fake rape case is also on a rise.Such type of cases are generally a blow to the real victims and result in further increase of distrust and gap between both the genders.
A 21-year-old Bangalore woman registered a gangrape case in Jalahalli Police Station at 4 am when she said she was sedated by a woman when she was traveling in an auto, and then shifted to a van where two men raped her.


However, she kept changing her statements which made her look suspicious to the police, reports Bangalore Mirror. Later, she admitted that she had filed a false rape case as she had not gone her home last night.The woman had claimed that a woman along with her son asked her for help near the Jalahalli govt. school around 5 pm the previous day. Since the boy was injured, she alleged, his mother requested her to take him to a nearby hospital. While they were in the auto in the way to the hospital, the woman sprayed some chemical on her face, she alleged. After regaining consciousness, she found herself in a van with two men who then raped her, she told police reports Bangalore Mirror.

The version of the story later proved to be false as she confessed that she had fabricated the case in order to convince her family members after she had not gone home last night due to disputes with her family members.

source : Scroll

“There was no need to doubt the woman’s statements at the time she filed the complaint. We suspected it could be a new type of racket targeting lone women, kidnapping them and subsequently raping them to extort money from them by blackmailing them. But later she confessed she had filed a false complaint,” said a police officer to BM.
Before registering the case the woman had also called her mother and family and told them that she was gang-raped.

This type of false allegations should be strictly dealt by the authorities and action must be taken against such women who are misusing the laws for their personal issues thereby putting the whole gender in a bad light.

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