It’s surprising how an organization that we depend on for justice, commits crime. The police do not need training they need to stop using their power and bullying people into giving them money.

A similar scenario came to light when Sandhya Ramesh , a resident of Bengaluru posted a tweet with a note narrating a horrific incident she faced in Bengaluru which would make you question yourself for relying on cops for help when you need them.

Yes, this is what happened. The Police used this move to trick money.They did so by sneaking near the apartment, taking off when there were no guards around.

Sandhya also posted a video in her following tweets to show the level to which those men in uniform stooped to.

And guess what? She is not the only one who faced such an issue.

Popular Indian comedian, screenwriter, and lyricist Varun Grover also had a say.

Everybody is raising a voice against the issue.

One more.

And one more.

A lot of questions have been raised against the Bengaluru Police by the public.The Bengaluru Police are yet to respond. This issue is certainly a blot on the name of Bengaluru Police which generally has a good reputation amongst the people. We hope proper action is taken against the officials responsible for the shameful act.



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