Nowadays Cabs have become a daily source of commute, they especially come as a saviour for people who are stranded in a particular place.Cab companies are working tirelessly to make cab journey safer and user friendly,but once in a while few incidents do pop up which make us question the steps taken by these companies to verify its drivers.

In a recent incident, a guy from Bengaluru took to social media to highlight the harassment he had to face by an Uber driver.

Yash Shah, a techie from Bengaluru, ranted about his harrowing experience while traveling to his office in an Uber cab, which allegedly left him with a bleeding mouth and a broken phone.


He posted a rant along with a video of the driver

Uber driver assaulted and threatened to kill!

“Had a horrible experience with Uber today. I was riding in an Uber to my office and my Uber driver who just joined uber this week was riding rashly. I asked him to drive properly and to put the seatbelt on. He responded in a very rude manner saying “Who are you to tell me all this? I will drive the way I want!”. I kept on insisting about this as I was very uncomfortable with his driving.

He stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and ended my trip right there. There is no SOS button in the Uber app after the trip ends and there was no way to get in contact with Uber and he took the benefit of that.

I requested him to drop me at my office but he said: “Do whatever you want but I won’t drop you”. I came out of the car to take his picture, and he then started shouting at me. I then walked back towards the car to get my laptop bag and he stood in front of the door and did not let me take my bag.


I then started taking his video and then he snatched my phone and threw it away on the ground and punched me in my face which caused bleeding in my teeth. I then again tried to contact Uber and there was no help at all. I then started shouting at him and told him that I will report this to police – He then started threatening me that he knows my address and number and he will make sure he will torture and kill me with his gang.

Few guys helped me and I was able to escape out of this alive with my bag and broken phone, but Uber I want to know what actions are you taking against this and how can I be sure that I’m safe riding with you again?

Driver Name: Mohammed Farhan M
Vehicle Registration number: KA 04 AA 7422

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We are terribly frustrated with this incident and want both uber and Bengaluru police to look into the matter and the company Uber should really do a background check before appointing anyone and should provide more customer support.

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