In yet another incident of moral policing by policemen, a guy was harassed and lectured by a fellow movie-goer along with a cop from Bengaluru Police. The incident has been shared on Twitter along with the video by freelancer journalist Poonam Agrawal. The tshirt that the man was wearing had ‘Stop Jerking Start F**king’ written on it. The incident took place in Bengaluru’s Forum Mall on Friday where the guy had gone to PVR cinemas.

In the video, a middle-aged man can be seen moral policing a young guy for the”obscene” text written over it.”The man in red was probably on his way to the washroom when the “moralist” spotted him.He then approached a policeman who was standing nearby. The duo then stopped the young man and questioned him,” Parul told TheNewsMinute. In the video, a policeman can be seen accompanying the “moral guardian” in mute mode and hence adding to the woes of the guy. The guy is then lectured about maintaining decency in public places,“What are you wearing? How many families are coming here. Wear something else and come. What is this?” he is asked. 

The guy in the t-shirt can be seen defending himself and saying,”IT IS NOT MY INTENTION. IT IS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET, RIGHT?“. But the vigilantes were not ready to listen to his aspect. At the end of the video, the man can be seen leaving the spot but once again he is interrupted by the policeman and is asked in Kannada to change his T-shirt and only then return.

Since the guy was not following the local language, the so-called moralist then translates the instruction for him. After this, the cop then proceeds to take the photograph of the guy to which he objects, following which Parul and other people intervened.

Here is the post that Parul has shared on her timeline alongwith the video

“What I saw at Forum Mall Koramangala today is the height of #MoralPolicing and nothing but appalling! A young man (the guy in red T-shirt) is abused and humiliated by a man for wearing a T-shirt that has ‘indecent words’ written on it. The T-Shirt had the word- ‘Fucking’ written on it.The guy was asked to exit #PVR premises, buy a new T-Shirt, change and then enter the cinema halls. The so-called moralist then called a police personnel who rather than shutting him up supported him in #MoralPolicing and asked the guy- why he wore such a T-shirt to a public place! It is only when a friend and all of us hounded the ‘moralist’ he shut up and left the place. I have a separate video of the police guy whom I will trace and report to the #BangalorePolice”

Parul has approached the Bangalore Police with the footage and has been asked to provide the details. Parul told TheNewsminute , “They have asked me to mail them the details of the incident. I also have another video where the police man is speaking and is identifiable. When I enquired about the legal aspect of the issue, I was told that Section 293 (whoever does any obscene act in public place) will not be applicable in this case. SC advocate KV Dhananjay has opined that the young man could not be charged since the interpretation of the section was important. The section that does prohibit vulgarity takes into consideration the magnanimity, impact and provocation aspect.”

We hope this kind of moral policing in the name of guarding our moral values stops and the policemen all over the country are trained regarding handling such issues instead of helping the vigilantes. The guy was not provoking anyone or showing any indecent gesture or behavior then why this moral policing? Isn’t it his choice to wear what we want.We hope proper action is taken and justice is served.

*(As a responsible storytelling platform, we have blurred the face of the guy and are not sharing original footage for his privacy reasons)

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