The Mandya police found a body of a youth floating in the Cauvery river near Shivanasamudra about 5 days ago. Two days later, body of a younger woman was found at the same spot indicating towards a suspicion that they had been murdered together. Investigation by the police revealed the case of ‘Honour killing’ by the woman’s father. The boy, Nandish, 26, belonged to a lower caste, he was a Dalit and the girl, Swati, 19, belonged to an upper caste family. Hence both the families did not approve of their relationship.

The couple fled from their original village, Chudagowndanahalli, Krishnagiri District in Tamil Nadu. They got married three months back and settled in Hosur, Karnataka. On November 10, 2018 they went to attend a public meeting where one of Swati’s distant relative happened to see them. He immediately called Swati’s father Srinivasa who was already in Hosur hunting for the couple. Once the meeting was over, Srinivasa and his people surrounded the couple, tricked them and took them to Shivanasamudra.

Source : Scroll

They mercilessly tied Nandish’s hands and legs and threw him into the river at 3am on November 11th, while Swati watched her husband die. She was helpless and in a couple of minutes, she was also tied with her own scarf and thrown into the river.

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Upon investigation by the Mandya police, Srinivasa surrendered and pled guilty. The police is still looking for others who were involved in the killing of an innocent couple.

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Caste is just a matter of chance. It is by chance that you’re born in a certain family and not by choice. Punishing someone for something that they have no power over is unjust in nature. It’s about time people stop considering love as a crime and try to accept and respect people’s choice.

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