To all those who’re being extra-cautious while boarding a cab for they’re too much influenced by headlines talking of drivers’ misdeeds with passengers, you’ll have to deal with an exception now that contradicts your firm beliefs against drivers.

A Bengaluru based ola driver, Somasekhar confirmed a booking from Adugodi to Dommasandra at 10:30 pm, Friday. His passengers included four men who started assaulting him in the midst of the journey. Overpowering the driver, they soon took the wheels into their hands.

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They drove for around 100km. They asked for all my money. I had Rs 9,000 in my bank account. They wanted more and asked me to ask friends to send more. I had Rs 20,000 rupees in my Paytm account. I called a relative, sent the money to him via Paytm and asked him to transfer the money to me in my bank account, which these men withdrew,” News18 quoted the victim driver as saying.

But it’s not just a robbery case. The assailants decided to hit something even lower. They made Somasekhar video call his wife, made the woman strip on call and took obscene screenshots too.

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The driver was then taken to a lodge at Channapatna in Ramanagara from where he managed to escape through a toilet window and reach Channapatna police station.

After listening to his ordeal the cops soon reached the lodge in context but however, the criminals had already fled by then. Let alone drivers, not even their wives can be marked safe.

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