In the rush of life, online cab services like Uber are much like a helping hand. We’re just too used to book a cab whenever, wherever we want with a click. But is that all?

Well, no. We have come up with an ugly face of this ‘app-friend’ of ours. It all began on Monday night at Kempegowda International airport, Bengaluru, when Dave Banerjee booked an Uber for himself and his three colleagues. Dave asked the cab driver for the seatbelt but what ensued next is the stuff of nightmares.

“In the car, we couldn’t find the rear seat belts. As I’m particular about the rear seat belts, I asked the driver to stop the car and let me pull out the seat belts, which were inside the seat. When he didn’t stop the car, even after asking him twice, I tapped him on his shoulders and asked him to stop the car immediately” Dave told TheQuint.

Following two requests, Dave finally tapped the driver on his shoulder commanding him to pull off immediately. As it did, he and his colleagues got down the cab, walked away and got into another Uber taxi.

As they moved on, the driver of the previous cab gathered a crowd of another 15-20 Uber drivers who started conversing in Kannada and all Dave could perceive, that they were pissed off.

We got into the other cab and started driving. But we saw the driver of the previous cab along with at least 10-15 others stopping and checking all cabs. When they found us, they pulled out my colleagues,” Dave describes the horror that followed.

His Co-passengers were dragged out of the cab but he remained clung to the seat belt for he feared a harder assault on stepping out. “But I held on to the seat belt as I knew they’ll thrash me if I let them take me out. Then for the next 45 minutes, they just kicked and punched me from both the back doors of the cab,” Dave was quoted by TheNewsMinute.

Meanwhile, Dave tried to contact Uber emergency number but he was told, he should contact police and UBER won’t be able to help. He posted the screenshot and we can see the response of Uber to his complaining tweet.

And as every other time, none came to their help from the crowd. Finally, when Uber reached out to him he got to hear the word ‘inconvenience’. Uber was simply apologizing for what it calls another inconvenience!

You can’t beat people up and then say ‘sorry for the inconvenience’,” says an angry and disappointed Dave.

He has endured minor injuries on hand, neck, and mouth. This 48 YO is currently having difficulty in eating and talking because of an injured jaw.

When a huge Mass relies on you for their transport every day, should it not be your duty to retort to their genuine complaints as soon as possible so they don’t land up in some real danger?

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