With ongoing offers on almost all our favorite online food ordering apps, we’re kind of used to waiting for our food to arrive at our houses instead of having to cook or even step outside our cozy place. And this has turned into a habit during winters.

We know that most of the Indian cities have witnessed their coldest winters in a long time. Some of us have chosen to restrict our lives to blankets and couches after working hours. But not everyone has got equally lucky. A Bengaluru guy named Aakash has said aloud all the adversities food delivery guys face so we can enjoy our dinner right and rightly explained why they don’t owe us even an explanation if at all they arrive a little late. Before you read the Twitter thread, kindly open all windows of your brain and heart.

Winters are equally cold to everyone. But some professions don’t allow its practitioners comforts. If the Army standing at the borders deserves our utmost respect for serving its duty at this extreme of the temperature, then the guys Aakash has mentioned at least don’t deserve abuse for being late.

Probably, next winter when we think of upgrading our wardrobes our old woolens would find a right new owner. And probably, we’d keep a cup of hot tea ready for the delivery guy next time we order something online. And for now, let’s share this thread as much as much as we’d shared the Zomato guy who had stolen food meant for delivery.

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