In a shocker from Bengaluru, a 19 years old man working in a content company, was forced to perform oral sex and sodomised by an auto driver near Banashankari. The victim who came to the city 9 months back had bagged a job in a content company one month back.

As per media report, on 23rd May the victim was going to meet a friend in Basavanagudi and took an auto-rickshaw. According to the investigating officer, since the auto driver works in the same area, on earlier occasions also the victim had taken the same auto.

On the fateful day the victim left from work at around 7 pm and was on his way to meet a friend. While on the way to his friend’s house, the auto driver asked the victim if he can stop the auto for a few minutes at his house for changing his clothes, to which he agreed.


Once the driver reached his home which was at 4th floor, he called the victim. Suspecting nothing, when the 19 YO reached the house he found the auto driver Rajesh in his inner-wears. When the guy asked the auto driver the reason for calling he locked the door and threatened the victim that his friends are waiting near the stairs and if he tries to escape they will attack him.

The victim was then made to perform oral sex and then was sodomised by Rajesh. Rajesh then asked the victim to wash himself, probably with an intention to remove any evidence against him, reported Bangalore mirror.

The guy was then dropped by the auto driver near NR colony and was once again threatened against speaking to anyone about the incident.

However, the 19 YO then gathered courage and called his boss who came to his rescue and both of them nabbed the auto driver from a nearby cart. When confronted, Rajesh denied the allegations and escaped on his auto.



The victim was taken to Channammanakere (CK) Acchukattu police station where a complaint was filed under Section 377 (having unnatural sex) of the Indian Penal Code after subjecting him to medical tests at KIMS, Kalasipalya (which confirmed sodomy).

The auto driver is currently on run but the cops hope to nab him soon. The number of incidents of sexual assault reported daily points out the safety status of the citizens and when it’s taking place in the heart of a city like Bengaluru it just shows the criminals have no fear of the laws of the land.

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