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As though the mass molestation on new year’s Eve in Bengaluru was not enough,humanity again felt ashamed when a girl was molested, harassed injured and left to face the humiliation.
According to Kadugondanahalli (K G Halli) police, the incident occurred between 6.15 to 6.25 am, as the woman was heading to the bus stop. The incident happened when this girl in her 20’s was on her way to the morning shift at work in Koramangla and was crossing the lonely stretch of Govindpura road.

The molester pinned her to the ground and molested her brutally. Only while she screamed and the dogs started barking did this so called human run away.
The victim was taken to Ambedkar hospital by people who had gathered around after her screams for help. Her relatives got to know about the entire incident through CCTV footage they got from a local tea stall. A complaint was filed by the girl at K G Halli police station during the late hours of noon. Police are on the lookout for the accused.

Like the molestation incident in Kammanahalli in the city, the attack was captured on the CCTV camera of a house in the neighborhood. Footage sourced from the camera showed that the girl was being stalked by the miscreant before he pounced on the girl.

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And while I write this, there’s a key point to be mentioned that the girl was clad in a burqa. This is a message to all the people out there who blame the skirts, jeans, tops, dresses.Stop the blame game.

It’s not the clothes, it’s the damn mentality.

A dead Conscience …!!

Dead humanity !!

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