Smoking is cool, isn’t it? In those posh multiplexes before the beginning of every movie, the audience is essentially made aware about the fatal effects of tobacco on health. Rahul Dravid and those who have fallen victim to cancer owing to their addiction to tobacco try to convey to us the message of why smoking is not so cool. They fail, anyway. The moment we step out of the theatres, some of us smoke in parking lots or food courts and those who don’t like the smell of burning tobacco don’t feel like poking their eyes to let them know that smoking in public is illegal for it’s socially acceptable.


But scenarios are different with a cop like Thimmaraju around. Wondering what’s so special about this cop? Well, he has collected a record number of fines collected under the COPTA Act of 2003 (the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution). The idea of puffing out black smoke in public from nostrils doesn’t go down well with this super cop.

A 24 YO Bengaluru youth named Chandan who works in a digital wallet company was flaunting his smoke releasing capacity in public when he was spotted by Thimmaraju in front of Sri Bhrahmashri Condiments in Jayanagar 9th block.

The SI fined him RS 200 as per law but the young man wanted a fight. Instead of feeling guilty and accepting the penalty, he rather questioned where else should he smoke if not for the street! We pity at his profound dumbness. As Thimmaraju was pointing towards a ‘No Smoking’ sign, an ill-tempered Chandan pushed him. The SI fell down, got his leg injured and began bleeding.


By then, Chandan had landed in a bigger trouble. Thimmaraju summoned a patrolling vehicle and Chandan, within a few minutes was in Tilaknagar police station. His parents reached and apologized but cops decided not to lend them ears and they were absolutely right. He was booked under IPC 353 (assault to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) and IPC 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty) and a few others.

Now Chandan is out on bail that cost him RS 25,000 and has to register his attendance in Tilaknagar police station twice a month till final report is filed.


Thimmaraju has collected the highest number of fines from smokers caught violating COTPA act. In 2017, he collected fines amounting to Rs 2 lakh and this year, till date, he has collected Rs 1.6 lakh in fines.“, One of the cops says to Bangalore Mirror.

Thimmaraju says that he hates smoking and with this hatred in his heart he is fighting his share of the battle against this worst form of addiction. We’re still hoping for a day when Chandan would come apologizing to the cop and thank him for having shown him the right path. Someday, may be!


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