Elections are held for the welfare of the general public, however, once the politicians are elected rarely do they remember their words and the citizens are left with nothing but hollow promises. While the Karnataka elections were being held it looks like cops were so busy in their election duties and saving the lives of the ‘VVIP’ politicians that they didn’t bother to register a complaint from a couple even though the woman almost got raped.

Sequence Of Events
As per Bangalore Mirror report, the victim and her partner Sunil who run their own software company, were returning home at around 2 am on 9th May after having their dinner at Empire restaurant on 80 ft road.


While the couple was walking towards their two wheeler they were attacked by 4 men who allegedly pulled the girl’s hair and groped her near the hip. As per TNM report, Sunil then demanded an apology from the 4 men after which they punched him in the face and started manhandling his partner.

Luckily, many people were present near the restaurant who gathered around the four men by then. Scared, the 4 miscreants then left the spot after hurling abuses at Sunil.

Disturbed by the incident, the couple went to the JB Nagar police station, where they were told that the cops are too busy with the election duties and hence they can’t file the complaint. When the victim insisted, the policeman in the station told them to come the next morning and file a complaint

However, the worst was yet to happen, the couple left JB nagar police station and were riding home when they were intercepted by a gang of 8 men near HAL main road. The gang was armed with knives, cement sheets and bricks in their hands.

Sunil handed all his money to them and asked his girlfriend to run while he distracted the men. “I told my girlfriend to run while I distracted the men. She began running but there were too many of them. One of them threw a brick on my head and when I fell down, three men held me down. My girlfriend was running away and they threw a brick on her. It hit her back,” Sunil was quoted by TheNewsMinute.

When Sunil’s girlfriend fell on the ground, the four men descended on her and hit her one more time with the cement sheet. When she fell down again, the men started groping her and tearing her clothes.


Sunil finally managed to get himself free somehow and started beating the goons. Hearing the screams, two people arrived at the location and called the police. The gang members then ran away from the spot.

Two cops from the HAL police station arrived at the location and after narrating the whole story, Sunil rushed his girlfriend who was in extreme pain, to the hospital. When he returned back to the police station a constable had caught one of the gang members. Sunil immediately identified him and told that he wants to file a complaint.

The Trauma Continues

However, he was told by the constables that he needs to go the JB Nagar police station again for filing the complaint. Defeated by the system, Sunil then rushed to the hospital where his girlfriend was being treated. She suffered several fractures, skin of her hands got scraped off and also received scratches on her hip and other body parts.

As told by the cop, next morning Sunil again went to the police station with all the necessary documents and even the number of the vehicle the goons were riding. However, the cops once again told him that they were too busy with the election duty and hence won’t be able to help.

Finally, Sunil wrote a long FB post about the incident which alerted the media. One week after the incident the cops called Sunil but told him that he shouldn’t have approached the media and should have filed the FIR early.

A case was finally registered on May 16 under sections 354A (sexual assault), 398 (assault with a deadly weapon) and 34 (common intention) against the unidentified persons.

Sunil’s girlfriend in now under trauma and begins screaming and gets very scared with slightest of the noise.

We fail to understand what’s the point of having police stations when all they care about is the lives of the so-called VVIPs? What’s the point of elections when the process is being held at the cost of the safety of the citizens? The incident once again shows how outnumbered our cops are wrt to the total number of citizens. We hope the cops understand their responsibility towards the common citizens and also action is taken against the JB Nagar police officials who refused to register an FIR.

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