Our lives have been made so convenient with the touch of technology. We order food just by a click on our phones, catch a cab, send money, even check the traffic on our route!

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An incident that recently happened a few days ago in Bengaluru wherein a Twitter user Akanksha Hazari was travelling from Bengaluru Airport to the city in an Ola cab, describes her ride as the scariest one of her life. She narrated her ordeal on social media, after filing a complaint with the company who left her unanswered for days.

Read about the entire tweet, here.

After her tweets were recognized by the Bengaluru Police, they asked her to send them the details about the driver and the cab and assured her necessary action in this regard.

Are we actually safe? We, as users, trust these companies with our safety, and if they who claim to be doing everything and anything for our safety let us down, who should we seek help from?
Yes, they do have an emergency button and a help option, but what they should have is a quick response to the complaints and a necessary action against the accused.

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