Bengaluru: A 22-year-old Seema (name changed) was having a normal day on August 23, 2018, unless she started receiving inappropriate messages on WhatsApp from an unknown number, asking to provide her with “anything” she would want for some “fun over the weekend”.

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After asking from where he got her number from, he replied – escort services.
She has been receiving the abusive messages from various different numbers, most of them slut-shaming her and speaking ill of her family.

The sender even demanded a ransom of Rs 40,000 and further circulated her Facebook profile pictures to her colleagues calling her a prostitute.
He also involved her family and started sending them inappropriate messages as well.
Till date, she has blocked over 70 numbers and has had to delete her WhatsApp and social media accounts. “It has been extremely mentally traumatizing,” she told TheNewsMinute.

Seema filed a complaint with the Electronic City police station on August 31. “But they just told me to change my phone and my SIM, that it was the only way to stop this from happening,” she alleges. After this, she enlisted the help of a friend Pooja Chaudhuri, who tweeted about Seema’s ordeal on October 15.

“My parents are still getting such messages. They are extremely worried, and want me to come back home,” she added.
Seema mentions that she suspects the sender to be her ex-boyfriend, Samarth (name changed) who she had been seeing for seven years and broke up six months ago.

“In between all of this, he told me he had also been targeted by the blackmailer. But the language and the time of the messages was exactly the same as what I had gotten. He also told me that he had transferred Rs 25,000 through account transfer to the blackmailer as ransom. But when I asked him to send me a screenshot of the transaction, he dilly-dallied, and then ultimately sent me two numbers and claimed that he had transferred Rs 1,000 and Rs 3,000 respectively to both through Paytm,” Seema said.

She mentioned how she had to remove all her social media accounts and that she doesn’t receive the messages anymore but her parents still do.

No action has been taken by the Cyber Crime cell as well as the Electronic City police after the FIR and even when TNM tried to contact regarding the same, they did not get any further response.

What people need to realize is that a relationship goes on with the consent of two people and breaks with the consent of the same two. Nobody can force anything on anybody and if someone thinks they can overpower someone by doing something which is so disgusting, they need to realize they are doing nothing but a crime and hence will be punished.
We urge the authorities to take action as soon as possible, the person behind the act should pay his price because Seema deserves to live a normal life again and so does her parents.

Here are the disturbing messages accessed by the News Portal: 

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