Videographer: Why do you have stones in your hands?
Boy: To hit people with
Videographer: Why do you want to hit people?
Boy: They rioted against (or attacked) us.
Videographer: Who were these people?
Boy: Those people.
Videographer: Who are ‘those people’?

(A prompt is heard in the background, saying ‘Marathas’)

Boy: The Marathas
Videographer: What are you going to do now?
Boy: I’m going to kill them.
Videographer: That’s where you’re going now?
Boy: yes, to hit them.
Videographer: But why did you come to Pune?
Boy: To take blessings (or for worship)
Videographer: Whose blessings?
Boy: Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s

This is the English translation of the Marathi conversation between the camera person and a kid you’ll see in the video.

Though not a holiday, yet exams were cancelled. School buses denied running on roads. Railway traffic tried to be blocked, though this attempt remained unsuccessful. These are a glimpse of what all happened in Maharashtra bandh yesterday which was nothing less than Battle of Koregaon. Like every other bandh, violence followed. It’s not new to us yet something caught our attention which is quite bothersome.

Source: NDTV

Though not known exactly, the kid’s age isn’t more than 5-6 years. And he takes confident steps on roads of Pune, with stones in his little hands that are meant to hit a Maratha. He believes, Marathas attacked them. And he has to ‘kill’ them in return so as to obtain Dr. BR Ambedkar’s blessings.

memorial pillar at Bhima Koregaon / Source:

Here, one question must sting our conscience like a poisonous worm.

Let’s accept, most of the people didn’t even know the reason behind the bandh except that it has something to do with caste issues. And here is this child with stones in hands to kill his opponents!

How can any parent teach a kid such vague things and preach them extremes of violence? How can the innovative young minds mean to dream as big as possible be encouraged to kill? Is this the future we’re building for our India?

Social media is seen to have already criticised the bandh. But this is absolutely enraging. Let’s teach our children to think, question and choose the right than just imposing on them what we think is to be done.

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