In every student’s life, the result of class 10 board exam is one of the most fearful thing. The sleepless night before the result day is a common view. Not only students but their parents also go through tension.

Often it happens that parents get angry with their children if they cannot fetch good marks. Students also take such decisions of taking their own lives, thinking that they have hit a dead end.


However, Surendra Kumar Vyas set an example regarding this matter. He arranged a surprise party on Monday after his son failed in his Class 10 board examination.

This is how I want to motivate my son. After failing in exams, children go into depression and some of them even take the extreme step of ending their lives. I want to tell such children that boards are not the last exams. There is much more to come in life. My son can reappear in the exam again next year,” civil contractor Surendra, a resident of Shivaji ward in Bhopal, said to the Times Of India.


Appreciating his father’s idea of motivating him, Surendra’s son Ashu said, “I appreciate my father. I promise to study more in the next academic session to pass with excellent marks.”

Be it life or exam scores, ups and downs are usual. People need to understand that failing an exam doesn’t mean the end of the world and everyone deserves a second chance in their life.

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