Around a week ago, a horrific case of gangrape and police apathy was reported from Bhopal where a 19 Years old UPSC aspirant returning from her coaching classes was gangraped for three hours by 4 ragpickers. The rapists were so casual about their crime that while raping the victim in turns they even took tea and gutkha breaks. What was more shocking in the case is the fact that 3 police stations refused to register her complaint with one of the officials calling it “Filmy story”. The victims and her parents who are cops themselves had to catch the culprits, only then, the complaint was registered in the case. You can read about the case in detail here.


Now, adding to the trauma of the victim it has been reported that the initial medical report prepared after the examination had termed the horrific gangrape as a consensual act. The hospital also termed her an “accused” instead of “victim” in their medical report, reports TNIE.According to Hindustan Times report, the report by the Sultania Zanana Hospital said, “Two boys named… took her near the sewage and then into the tunnel where they had sexual intercourse with her with her consent of (sic) will.”The insensitive report was later withdrawn and termed as a clerical error.

It was a mistake by a newcomer and now the report has been rectified and issued again, Dr. Karan Peepre of Sultania Lady Hospital told news agency ANI on Thursday.
Reportedly, the college students also go to the hospital for internship and the hospital said that the report was filed by two post-graduate students.

How can lady doctors commit such a grave mistake and write such insensitive remarks about a rape victim. The license of such doctors should be immediately canceled,” the victim’s mother told the Hindustan Times on Thursday.

Source: Reuters

A show cause notice has been sent to the two doctors for the insensitive blunder.The medical reports are the most important documents in the rape cases and we wonder how much damage such irresponsible acts can cause. Apart from diluting the cases such reports can also add to the trauma of the victim. Why are such important reports which can decide the future of a victim not handled by someone with an experience?


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