Bhubaneswar, a city known for its temples and rich Indian heritage is in the news for all the good reason.Breaking the stereotypes of the society, Old Station Bazaar Durga Puja Committee of Bhubaneswar has invited members of the transgender community to offer puja in the pandal during Durga Puja this year.

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While talking to TOI, Organisers told that “the committee has taken this decision to provide social space to transgender and including them to the mainstream and they would like to give transgenders their rightful share in the society by including them in all their festivals and social celebrations.

“After Supreme Court recognised transgender as the third gender We are no one to discriminate them, and the committee has invited them to offer puja on Ashtami Day when they will worship along with common women devotees at the mandap.” said Ganesh Sahu, president of the committee, one of the oldest puja pandals of the city.


Transgenders have always been subjected to negligence, disgrace and humiliation in our society.Despite various steps by the govt to increase their inclusion in the society people’s mentality has not changed much.Steps like these will surely upgrade their mindset and will increase their acceptance in the society.

When a reporter asked the Transgenders community about this welcome step, below was the response from them.

We are very much thankful to the organising committee as they have taken this bold step and allowed us to worship puja in the mandap. Earlier, whenever we visit Puja pandals people give discriminatory gaze to us and make us feel uncomfortable. Such steps will certainly help in changing the people’s mindset towards our community,” said Sridevi Kinnar, a transgender.

The Indian Feed welcomes the decision taken by Puja Pandal Committee of inviting transgenders community to offer prayers as this will surely set an example and will bring a sense of inclusiveness in each one of us.

h/t : TOI

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