Bihar: A two-year-old lost her life amid the protests of Bharat Bandh on September 10. The protest called upon by the Congress and 20 other parties because of the fuel price rise in the country was on while a parent was on their way to the hospital carrying their sick child and reached late because of the protestors.

Apparently, The RJD workers along with Jan Adhikar Party workers were all gathered on the way to the hospital from Bala Bigha village and hence the family got blocked on the other side.

Speaking to The India Times, Pramod, the father of the girl said, “I took NH 83 which is the main route to Jehanabad. There were obstacles on road everywhere. My daughter fell unconscious in between and as the three-wheeler entered the outskirts of Jehanabad my baby died.”

“It took three hours to reach the outskirts of Jehanabad from my village which takes barely an hour on a normal day.”

Had it not been a protest day, and if his vehicle was allowed to move further sooner, his daughter would have been alive, Promod added.

The girl, Bebi Kumar who was a native of Bala Bigha village was being taken to a civil hospital in Jehanabad after suffering from loose motion for the past two days. Her father managed to arrange a vehicle in the midst of the chaos happening in the village but eventually got stuck on NH-83 where protesters had blocked the road.

While the SDO of Jehanabad, Paritosh Kumar tweeted saying that the cause of death was the relatives leaving late and not of the protest going on, reacting to the incident, union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad blaming The Indian National Congress, said, “Atmosphere of fear is being created in the country. Who will take responsibility for the child’s death? Congress must give an answer.”

Even school buses were not spared in the name of bandh. If the politicial parties had good intentions and wanted the welfare of public then why make the common citizens suffer ?

Last month also a baby a newborn baby had died in Haryana because the ambulance got stuck in the Congress rally, following which the mother of the child went to coma.

The picture makes us question was the bandh really for the welfare of common people?

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