Bihar: A forty-five-year-old was allegedly gang-raped in the river Ganga when she was taking a dip into the holy river during a religious ritual on Monday in the state’s capital.
A video went viral of the incident where the woman was seen pleading the accused to leave her and consider the “sanctity” of the Ganga, which she addressed as “mother”.

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When she approached the police station to file a complaint against the accused, they refused to register a first information report. The Barh Police only took action once they saw the video posted online and arrested those two men, including the person who captured the crime on video and later shared it on social media.

As per the reports by The Hindustan Times, Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said after confirming the incident that they have arrested two men, including Mahto and Vishal, who recorded the crime. A minor girl, whom Mahto had lured into accompanying him, was also rescued, Maharaaj added.

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Women have been treated inferior in all parts of society, and getting raped at a holy place is also not a shocking news after all the horrible incidents we’ve been hearing in the past. The situation has become so worse that now, we don’t know what is safe for us and who to trust when it comes to our safety. The Government and the authorities should consider women safety as their priority and carry out policies and measures that help the same. Meanwhile, the citizens should stand up for the wrong done to their kin and support them in all the ways they can.

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