As a society, ‘rape of our daughters’ was the biggest threat to us till date. Then gradually, we realized that we not only need to safeguard the honor of our daughters but our ‘children’ because not even boys could surpass sexual assaults. And now, this case rightly introduces us to the latest challenge. We have to protect our children from ‘being rapists’ too.

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A girl from Chhapra district of Bihar has filed a complaint with Ekma police station in which she describes the horror she had been facing in school for over 7 months, reports Times Of India.

It all began in December 2017 when her father was jailed for reasons unspecified as of now. She was gang-raped by three of her schoolmates in the school’s toilet. One of the three recorded the whole crime and the footage was later used to blackmail her. As time passed by, more numbers of students joined in, until the number rose to as high as 15. Let us remind you, all these 15 culprits are school students. Then, putting humanity to shame two teachers and even the Principal of the school took the ‘opportunity’ to rape the girl.


The girl narrated the whole incident to her family once her father was back from jail and the family gathered enough courage to Lodge a complaint in police. Adding up to the chaos, the police initially refused to file any FIR and then agreed when the family threatened to take the matter to higher officials if denied.


Till now, the Principal, a teacher, and two students have been arrested and the girl is supposed to undergo a medical examination.

How old could be those 15 school students? Old enough to plan and execute a horrible gangrape? From where did they drive inspiration to commit such a heinous crime? Before we blame the police, the Principal and the teachers for stooping this low, maybe we should look into what we are offering our children.

Our heart goes out to the girl who kept fighting against these demons alone for 7 months!

Source: TOI

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