Bihar’s Gaya district sees rape horror this time. A medical practitioner was traveling on a motorcycle with his wife and daughter when around 20 armed criminals stopped them. They assaulted the doctor and tied him to a tree. Then, they took turns to rape his daughter and wife. After they were done, they set the doctor free and threatened him not to inform about the incident to anyone before they fled the spot. However, the doctor immediately informed police about the incident remaining on the crime spot.

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Soon, the SSP and Sherghati sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) Manish Kumar reached the spot and arranged for an ambulance to send the rape victims to the Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College (ANMMCH), Gaya, about 40 km away, for treatment. A police team, led by the SSP and the SDPO, later conducted raids at Sondiha and two adjoining villages. Within 2 hours all 20 rapists were detained in Konch police station area.

“I urged them (perpetrators) to take away all our valuables and let us go, but still they took turns to do this (rape) with me and my daughter on an open agricultural field beside the road,” said the doctor’s wife to journalists on Thursday.

Gaya senior superintendent of police (SSP) Rajeev Mishra said, “The victims have identified two of them as the other criminals had covered their faces while committing the crime”.


As of now, 2 out of the 20 have already admitted to the crime and Konch police station SHO, Rajeev Ranjan has been suspended for “dereliction of duty”, the SSP said.

We heartily appreciate the promptness of action by the Bihar police. And we are equally shocked by the sequel of events. Maybe, someday someone will simply stop our vehicles, assault us, rape us and then let us go. That’s the society we’re currently heading towards. Is our youth this unruly and criminal minded? What has driven our youth this low? And moreover, why almost every crime in India centered around women atrocity? Well, we are still hoping for a day when newspapers will come free from such news.

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