Police personnel recovered a list of 40 mobile phone numbers from Brajesh Thakur, the main accused in the rape of 34 minor girls during a sudden simultaneous raid in all the prisons in the state.

Thakur who is currently lodged in the Muzaffarpur Central Jail was found in the visitor’s area and not in his cell when the police arrived for the raid.

They then seized two handwritten pages that included 40 mobile phone numbers with the names of whom they are issued against which clearly shows that he is still pulling off some strings. It was later revealed that the phone numbers were of some powerful people including a minister. The officials didn’t find any phone on him but the truth is yet to come out as to how he used to contact the respective people.


Thakur has spent five days in the Muzaffarpur Central Jail out of the 70 days in custody since he was arrested on June 2. He hasn’t really been interrogated by the police because he was quickly sent to jail by the judge.

The doctors discovered that he had some ailments and therefore he was admitted to a hospital outside for two weeks, following which he came back to the jail’s hospital.
“He has been staying in the medical ward of the jail on health grounds and managed to avoid staying in the prisoners’ ward,” the police told The Hindustan Times. The document now has been sealed and sent to the CBI, which has taken over investigations from the Patna High Court.


The maximum the Bihar Government has done is to forward the case to the CBI when turned too hot. Not to forget the opposition played an important role in building pressure on the current State Government to take actions and come forward regarding the case.
From the Bihar’s social welfare minister Manju Verma denying the allegations against her husband in the case to resigning from her post, the Government has shown utter reluctance in solving the case and punishing the accused. Not to forget that Thakur is living in his own terms inside the jail in the visitor’s room instead of his cell like a protected entity.

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