Addiction and alcoholism have caused unfortunate incidents in societies and is one of society’s biggest evils. It has a greater effect on the lower section of the society, where it is also seen as a source of entertainment. Domestic violence, aggression, harassment, throwing away entire life savings, have been recurring problems associated with alcoholism and gambling, but sometimes, they get even more extreme. In a horrific incident in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district, a 36-year old alcoholic man bet his wife and lost her while gambling. He then forced her to have sex with his gambler friends and poured acid on her when she refused to continue sexual relations, an official said.

The accused poured acid on his wife for purification: source

The 30-year-old victim refused to have sexual relations with other men after two or three times and her husband then threw acid on her. Sources said that he wanted the purification of his wife. His wife somehow escaped from her matrimonial house and went to her parents’ home in another village. On Sunday, she sought help from a social activist named Deepak Singh. Following this, police were informed, a case was registered, and the accused was arrested. Rajesh Kumar Jha, SHO of Mozahidpur police station, said that the accused husband Sonu Harijan was arrested and an FIR was registered against him on Sunday evening.

“As the case is extremely sensitive, we have immediately registered an FIR and arrested the accused. Further investigation is underway and other accused will be arrested too if they are found to be involved in this case,” Jha said, according to Times Now.

In a statement to the police, the accused said that he lost the bet one and a half months ago. As per the commitment, the victim was to be handed over to the winners of the bet for a month but the victim refused to go with them after two or three times.

The friend’s of the accused raped her multiple times: source

The couple has been married for over ten years, but they have no kids due to the husband’s alcoholism. The victim told the police that her husband used to torture her physically for not being able to conceive. On October 28, he, after losing the stake in a game, locked her up in a room with some of his gambler friends who then raped her, she added.

“We are studying the statement of the victim and have arrested the accused. He has confessed that he lost his wife in a gambling bet and also forced her to have sexual relations with his gambler friends,” Rajesh Kumar Jha, SHO of Mozahidpur police station said.

As we await further development of the case, we must reiterate that the strictest punishment should be given to the accused that will serve as a deterrent. The gambler’s friends who indulged in raping the victim must also be punished, and the police must ensure proper rehabilitation of the victim so that she can deal with the trauma of the entire ordeal.


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