When we keep getting bombarded with news of hatred and crime on a daily basis, it’s such incidents which restore our faith in humanity.The incident is similar to that of last week’s where a man had broken his Ramadan fast for donating blood to a critical patient. This time, a Muslim man from Gopalganj district in Bihar broke religious barriers and his roza to donate blood to an eight year old Hindu thalassemic boy and saved his life.

Thalassemia is an hereditary blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. The disorder results in large numbers of red blood cells being destroyed, which leads to anemia.

Jawed and Anwar along with the kid

As per NDTV, when the patient Rajesh complained of unease and weakness he was rushed to the Sadar hospital by his father. The boy needed blood immediately as his condition had started detoriating. Unluckily, there was no blood available in blood bank matching Rajesh’s blood group. The patient’s father was told it would take 2-3 days to manage the same.

This was when a cleaning staff from the hospital came to the rescue. He informed Anwar Hussain who is a member of District Blood Donor Team (DBDT) about the child’s condition following which Anwar requested his friend Jawed to donate the blood.

At first Jawed politely refused as he was on Roza, however, after continued persuassion from Anwar he agreed to help the child. Doctors provided Jawed with some solid food and juice for breaking the fast so that they can proceed for the blood donation.

Jawed said: “My religion teaches me to help a fellow human first, so I broke my fast and donated blood to save little Rajesh. Islam preaches that humanity is bigger than everything.”

Facebook Timeline of Anwar is filled with such stories of humanity which sparks a new hope in us. Here’s one such example

We salute the efforts made by the cleaning staff, Anwar and Jawed to save a precious life and hope Rajesh recovers well from the medical condition. It’s stories like this which define the nation ‘India’ in its true sense.

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