After a 14 YO girl was allegedly raped by a migrant from Bihar hate crimes have become an everyday scenario in Gujarat. Around 70 such incidents have been registered and 600 have been arrested. 50000 Hindi speaking people have already fled back to their native soil fearing their lives.

Amarjeet Singh originally belongs to Gaya, Bihar. He had come to Gujarat 17 years back and has managed to build a house of his own meanwhile. He lives with his wife and two children and works in a mill in Pandeshwara area of the city.

On 14th October, Amarjeet was returning home from work after dropping a friend when he was killed on the way. How? Well, that’s really a mystery as of now. His family claims that an enraged mob killed him. His father, Rajveer Singh, an ex armymen strongly calls it another incident of hate crimes against migrants and appeals both state and Central Governments to look into the matter. But Police, however calls it a road accident.

Hate messages against migrants have flooded social media. And crimes are not less enough in number to simply overlook. We’re not being opinionated, but if the family seeks, probes must be made.

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