Amongst a large numberer of social evils that hinder the growth of our society, one is dowry. Even though taking or giving dowry is a punishable offense by law, this practice is still rampant in our country. On 2nd October 2017 Bihar CM Nitish Kumar launched a campaign against child marriage and the problem of dowry in the state. Bihar govt and UNICEF India also launched a powerful video against the dowry system which encourages people to raise voice against the social evil.

According to a Hindustan Times report, Bihar has the second highest rate of dowry deaths and torture and the highest rate of child marriages in the country. However, it looks like Bihar CM’s initiative has got a pleasant start. HT has reported an incident from Bhojpur district of Bihar where Hrindra Singh, a retired principal has returned the dowry of Rs 4 Lakhs that the family had taken for the “marriage preparations” of his son. The wedding is scheduled to take place on 3rd December, however, they had taken the money in the month of February, soon after the marriage was fixed.

On 4th October Bihar CM was present in Ara, headquarters of Bhojpur district where he gave a speech against dowry system and child marriage.Singh told that he was so inspired by the CM’s speech that he decided to return the money that they had taken from bride’s family.

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HT quoted bride’s elder brother, Rohit Singh as saying “We were initially perplexed. I thought the groom’s family was calling off the marriage when they came to return us the money. I am proud that my sister is being married into a family with such high moral values.

The family is now earning praises in their locality. Giving and taking dowry is an offense with up to 7 years of jail term. However, Bhojpur SP Awakash Kumar said no charges would be pressed as no complaint was received. He also expressed happiness about the increasing social awareness.

While the action of the family certainly deserves an applause it is still a dark reality that even the educated families indulge in the shameful practice all over the country.

Together, we have eradicated many evil practices from the society, however, it is ironical that even after so many years of independence we are praising a family for not taking dowry and it is even a piece of news. We wish Bihar Govt all the best for their campaign against the social evil.

Here is one of their video from the campaign

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