India is continuously striving to be open defecation free country by 2019.The government of India under the leadership of Prime minister Modi is largely emphasizing on the issue and working with numerous NGOs to make it a success.Government is also providing financial assistance to build up toilets for the underprivileged families. But still, there are people out there who do not consider it under basic amenities and force their family members to defecate in open areas either due to poor financial condition or due to lack of awareness.


In Cheggan Neura village in Minapur block of Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district, a woman was forced to defecate in open due to lack of toilet in her in-laws’ house.

After being humiliated for going in an open area for relieving herself. The woman took a bold decision to file a police complaint against her father-in-law for not constructing a toilet for the family and made him sign a bond to build the toilet within one month.


The Hindu report quoted the 20 Years old woman Puja Devi as saying  “Despite my repeated request and demand to construct a toilet, neither my husband nor my in-laws paid any attention to it. This forced me to leave their house and return to my parents’ house, risking my marriage. I cannot live in the house without a toilet.

Puja recalled that six months back when she arrived in the house as a newly-wed bride, she was shocked to know that there was no toilet in the house.


Soon after I came in the house, I demanded the construction of a toilet but it was ignored by them. They neglected my request. It hurts me, as the women suffer the most in the absence of a toilet,” she said.

After observing no response from her father-in-law and brother-in-law to build a toilet she filed a written complaint with the police against them.

On the basis of the complaint, the police called the two accused to the police station on 26 September, and asked them to build the toilet within a week.But the duo pleaded before police to give them the time of the month to construct the toilet as they would need time arrange the money for the same.

The woman and the accused agreed to the terms and a bond was signed by the woman’s father-in-law to build the toilet within a month, following which the written complaint was taken back by the woman.

The Indian Feed truly applauds the bold step taken by the woman for making her in-laws accountable for providing basic amenity like a toilet for the family.

h/t:- The Hindu

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