On Friday , Bollywood Actor Salman Khan was present in Jodhpur court  regarding the famous blackbuck case in which he was accused of killing black bucks 19 years ago and claimed that the blackbuck died of ‘natural causes’.

TOI quotes Salman as saying ,“Only the first forensic report of Dr Nepalia
saying that the animal died of “natural causes” was true and the rest of the evidence is false.”

source : hindustan times

Mr.Khan was asked 60 questions by the Jodhpur magistrate to most of which he replied “galat”(False). Salman also denied killing the two blackbucks in Rajasthan, 19 years ago,during the shooting of his film Hum Saath Saath Hain. The actor has four cases against him related to the incident.

According to TOI , when the chief judicial magistrate Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit asked the star,”You were seen by two people who said they saw you shoot the blackbuck and and your vehicle was found with blood stains and hair of the blackbucks”. Salman said, “galat” as reply to the question.

NDTV reports , Salman said in court that it was the forest department that had made up the entire story for publicity. Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam were present in court in Jodhpur on Friday to record their statements in the blackbuck poaching case. The five are accused of poaching two blackbucks, which are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Earlier, Salman was acquitted of all the charges in arms act case when according to the court prosecution failed to prove charge against him.

We leave it up to our readers who we think are sensible enough to understand what is going on ! 🙂

h/t: TOI

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