Are you an Indian girl? Oh! Then congratulations, it won’t take long for you to either get molested or raped. Be it in your own place or on the street. Be it broad daylight or late at night. And, the most offensive part is that we, the commoners try to justify those situations. We try to explain it saying “She was dressed in an improper manner”, “Her clothes were too short and provoking”. We live in such a country where the length of clothes get judged but the narrowness of mind doesn’t.

Recently Indore based blogger-model witnessed such an ordeal on Sunday evening. She was riding on her scooter while two men tried to pull her skirt, shouting, “dikhao skirt ke niche kya hai”. She tried to stop the two men but unfortunately lost control of her scooter resulting in an accident. It was a busy road but as a usual view, no one tried to track those molesters.

At first, she was in a sudden shock of what happened but later decided to talk about it over the social media. She narrated the whole incident in a twitter thread along with a picture of her injured leg.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t notice the number of the vehicle the dreadful persons were riding.

Her friends took her to a nearby cafe, she was gone numb by the sudden terror but wasn’t the one to let it go like this.

Here is the thread describing the horror she went through

She made her point clear that it wasn’t the clothes she was wearing, but, it’s the cheap mentality of those people. If it wouldn’t have been one of the busiest streets of Indore, the lights would have gone dim, those rogue have taken her skirt off for sure.

The girl did a live video describing the incident with tears in her eyes. But to a surprise, she received laugh reacts from people. A question like “Why are you crying about it on Instagram?” popped up.

The very next day she went to the same place in search of evidence. But there was no CCTV camera coverage on that particular spot. So, she lodged a police complaint in the hope that they will be able to find those guys.

We have taken cognizance and we are willing to help. Indore police will come to her aid as soon as she contacts us,” said Hari Narayan Chari Mishra, Deputy Inspector General of Indore Police to Hindustan Times.

Her tweets got retweeted hundreds of time also received positive comments from many people. Even CM Shivraj Patil has assured her that the guilty will be punished.

“I want to thank everyone who has come forward to support me. I’m just an ordinary girl, and I needed my story to be heard. Not just for me, but also for all those girls who didn’t dare to do the same,” reads one of her tweet.

More power to you girl for standing against these molesters!

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