There is a high probability that till now you must have heard about the deadly blue whale game. In case you haven’t you can go through the below video to get a fair idea.

Recently, a 22-year-old Pudducherry man B Alexander was rescued by the alertness of Police and his brother Ajith. On Tuesday morning around 4 am he was about to carve a whale with a knife on his arm when police barged into the home and rescued him.It is believed that the suicide challenge was also near.

The man said that it was an agonizing experience and he was not able to come out the death trap even if he wanted to.


How did it start?

Alexander said he received a URL in WhatsApp group formed by his Chennai Courier company colleagues. He was on a vacation in his town in Puducherry during that time.

TOI quotes Alexander, “It is not a game or app. As soon as I opened the link, I started getting instructions from an ‘administrator’ about tasks I was to do. They first gave me the task of giving out all my personal details, photographs, mobile number and email ID“.

The tasks

Second task: Alexander told that the second task was rescuing a whale from dangers and taking it to mother whale imagining the world as a sea.

Third task: He was asked to watch a horror movie after 2 am and to post a selfie on the same URL.

Fourth task: Alexander was asked to visit a graveyard at midnight.”I went to the Akkaraivattam graveyard around midnight, took a selfie and posted it online (on same URL window). Every day I had to watch horror movies alone, as the idea was to make victims shun fear,” he said to NDTV.

Fifth task: He was asked to draw a tattoo on his forearm using a sharp object.


Alexander was about to draw the whale on his arm when Police arrived. His brother had noticed behavioural changes in him over last few days and hence he alerted the SI Vamseedhara Reddy.A police team comprising crime inspector Marie Christian and Jesmond reached the house and checked Alexander’s phone.

TOI quoted Reddy as saying, “Our team found he was playing the Blue Whale challenge. He had received the link in `Mersal’, a WhatsApp group created by his colleagues in Chennai“.

Jesmond told that he uninstalled the game from Alexander’s mobile phone, after which the phone automatically switched off and restarted with factory settings. All the data from his phone was also gone.

“I was saved by their timely intervention. I appeal to everyone not to fall prey to the killer game.It’s a death trap, a horrible experience” Alexander requested.

On Monday a 17-year-old girl was also rescued after she tried committing suicide by eating pills for the second time. In her first attempt, she was rescued when she was noticed drowning into the Kaylana Lake after she threw her mobile phone. The girl told that she feared that her family would be killed if she did not kill herself. Both the youngsters are getting counseled.

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