Looking at the women getting subject to the patriarchal atrocities, several laws were formed and kept in place to save their rights and dignity in the society. But, in some cases, it has been observed that some women use these laws and rules as a handy tool to make false allegations and frame a man.

Recently, a case reached to Bombay high court where Justice KK Tated had called for a hearing to discuss a petition filed by the woman’s divorced husband. As the proceeding started, the woman requested the court to adjourn the hearing for two weeks telling that her advocate’s mother has died and he is out of town.But the court was stunned to see that advocate appeared in the court in afternoon and clarified that he had not instructed his client to make any such request to the court.


Justice Tated said he was so baffled with the woman’s conduct, that he thought of initiating criminal proceedings against her under section 195 (fabricating evidence) of the Indian Penal Code. However, he refrained from doing so.

The case was 3 years old when the family court had directed the woman’s husband to pay her a monthly maintenance of Rs 25,000. However, the woman had demanded an alimony of Rs 3 lakh per month citing the reason that her husband was working overseas earning a salary of Rs 15 lakh per month, while she had no source of income.

Knowing the truth about the woman that she is a working lady, the estranged husband challenged the order in the HC, saying his wife had lied to get the money. He showed the women’s income tax documents to the court proving that she was in a job and was earning around Rs 50,000  per month.


Justice Tated found the man’s evidence as genuine and held the woman guilty of hiding her income and distracting the court. He passed the judgment in favor of the man reducing the woman’s interim maintenance from Rs 25,000 to Rs 5,000 a month.

The Indian Feed appreciates the Judiciary for scrutinizing the case with utmost care and delivering the justice to the victim.We also appeal to the women of our society to refrain from using the law as a handy tool for oppressing an innocent life.

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