Counting the number of cases of child trafficking and sexual exploitation of children that have surfaced over a short span in the past few months is indeed a tough job. Now another case of child trafficking has come into the limelight that is far more spine-chilling and shameful.

The well-operated chain of crime and criminals has been by exposed by Mumbai police with the help of an actress Preeti Sood. The mastermind Kingpin Rajubhai Gamlewala aka Rajubhai along with his four other allies was under police custody. They have been booked under the IPC’s sections 34 (common intention) and 373 (buying minor for purposes of prostitution). Sood got four men arrested by the Versova police, including a retired sub-inspectors son. The four are Amir Khan (26; the policeman’s son), Tajuddin Khan (48), Afzal Shaikh (35) and Rizwan Chotani (39). 


According to a report by Mumbai Mirror, the gang used to target poor households from Gujarat who are overburdened with the responsibilities of the upbringing of its children and would easily give them away in exchange for money. After getting clutch over such children, the gang would then search for households who would be willing enough to rent the passports of their children for money. The children would then be made to undergo vigorous make-up sessions to look like the photographs on the passports. Then, they would be sneaked out of India to the US-based clients for a whopping amount of Rs 45 lakhs each. The passports would then be returned to respective owners once the carrier is back.

The brave actress who fought the 4 men unarmed

300 such children within 11-16 years of age have already been sold by the racket. The most frightful part of the crime is that nobody has a clue what happens to these children or where they currently are. Some members of the gang were arrested back in March.

Preeti Sood, who is an important link of the investigation scenario speaks of how she crossed paths with three gang members initially. The actress who has acted in the movie Revolver Rani, came to know from one of her friends about two children being readied with a lot of make-up at a local Versova salon.

Preeti suspected that they were being planned to be thrown into some brothel. She reached the spot and asked the men to accompany her to police which they refused and clarified that they were sending the children to their parents in the US. Preeti chose not to believe them and call the police instead. However, the unarmed actress could stop two men by the time police arrived while the third one managed to escape along with the kids.

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Undoubtedly, befitting punishment to every sinner is the demand of the time, but what tops the current priority list is finding out the fate of the 300 children and rescuing them. We sincerely hope they’re doing well wherever they are and would be soon traced. Also, Kudos to Preeti for the brave act.

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