‘Struggle and thereafter winning eventually mustn’t be compromised in any situations’ was proved right after C-60 commando police Gomji Mattami fought bare-handedly, snatched back his AK-47 after being pinned down by four Maoists in Gadchiroli. He is a native of Madska village, located around 8 km from Jambia Gatta in Etapalli Taluka, Gadchiroli.

It happened when a police bandobast was cancelled at a weekly market and he stopped to talk to an old classmate. After getting out of the conversation, he started to move after which 4 Maoists in plain – clothes surrounded Mattami and pinned him down on the ground with a probable action to steal his gun. These Maoists are apparently from an action team which carries our such lightening attacks. He described the incident as “One of them pulled out a pistol pointing at me and pulled the trigger. It failed to fire. It was all happening in a flash. At this point, I was trying to free myself while keeping a hold on my weapon and magazines. I knew their intention was to gun me down before fleeing with my weapon. I kicked the man with the gun which fell off his hand.”


It is very rare that in unexpected situations we decide and conclude that we can risk our lives instead of just giving in. In this case, knowing that 4 people have already surrounded him and there is very little chance that he might live after this fight, he continued after one man stabbed a dagger in his chest. While blood was pouring out and pain flipping in, he began to run after them with an aim that they shouldn’t escape with his weapon.

“I pounced upon the one who had my AK and snatched it back after grappling with him. I then fired at them but had to be cautious with so many people around,” he said.

He can be seen as a cheerful patient who closely escaped death admitted at Orange City Hospital and Research Institute (OCHRI) and as for now, he is stable.

Cheers to his strength, loyalty, determination, passion and hardwork that our nation is getting better.

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