Imagine your doorbell rings at 2 am and you find the person who had been stalking you all your way standing there!Spooky? Isn’t it?? That’s exactly what happened to Aditi Nagpaul, a Mumbai based designer. As the two ladies and two kids drove towards their home, they found someone who follows them all the way.

Nitesh Kumar Sharma, a 36-year-old IT guy it was, as found out by police later.
He even dared to ring Aditi’s doorbell at 2 am, hear Aditi shout at him and then, fearlessly go down, stare at her flat while sitting in his car.

Aditi decided not to let go of it and filed a police complaint. Here is what DCP Paramjit Singh Dahiya of Amboli police station has to say about the case :“The accused identified as Sharma has been booked under the Indian Penal Code section 354 (D) (stalking). He claimed himself an IT professional and hails from Hyderabad and has visited his relatives house at Malad. He also claimed that he came to Mumbai four days ago and was roaming in the city at night. He parked the car he was driving in the basement of the building where the victim stays with his husband and two kids.

Just roaming and casually parked in the basement of her apartment!
Ringing her doorbell insanely at 2 am was also a coincidence, we suppose!

Aditi shares her story in her facebook post where she openly accepts, how she met with the dark face of Mumbai, that city she always presumed to be safer than Delhi.
As she advises everyone to be aware of such psychopaths in the town, she also appeals to share her post and spread the awareness.

This is shocking and nerve wrecking!

In the last 10 years, I’ve always felt safe in Bombay, and in the same breath have always cursed Delhi! But last night showed me a different side to my ‘not so safe anymore’ city!

2 women and 2 kids in a car together don’t stop a random man from stalking and following you up to your house and ringing your door bell at 2 am!

He didn’t have any fear in his eyes, a fear of being captured by security cameras, interrogation by security guards or threats of Police! He just hung around coolly in his car long after the incident very comfortable in getting his pictures clicked!

So here they are! Please do circulate and make others aware of this possible psychotic streak!

However, a police complaint has been lodged, and I’m waiting to find out more details on him to take further necessary actions!

But well what a Rakhi! In the end, you have to protect your own self…

We really appreciate the courage with which this lady handled the whole situation.

All images sourced from Aditi’s FB posts.

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