Days after the Swiss couple was brutally beaten yet another shameful incident of harassment of foreign nationals has come into light from Pandarak district in Patna, Bihar where a British couple was held hostage by 2 gunmen.

According to dailymail, the victims are Jessica,28 and Matt Kidd, 30. Both are teachers in London and originally from Glasgow, Scotland.

Image source: dailymail

The couple were on their ‘dream world trip’ and kayaking down the Ganga river. They stopped at a secluded island to pitch the tent and spend the night. But, suddenly, two goons attacked them. The couple tried to offer their mobile phones and cash to the attackers and bargain with them.

Both pleaded with them not to do any harm but the attackers didn’t listen. Instead, the goons threatened to sexually assault Jessica right on the spot. Seeing no other way to save themselves from the attackers, both jumped into the river risking their lives and managed to escape with their kayak. After swimming and rowing for a mile they reached a nearby village and contacted the police with the help of the villagers.

We are on an adventure tour in a raft moving downstream on the river Ganga from Haridwar to Calcutta. Around 8 pm on Sunday evening, we reached a place called Pandarak. We were camping and had some food when we were approached by two men who started to threaten us for one hour and he had a gun pointed at us. We managed to escape by running into the water with our boat. I was in the water swimming and we got across to the village where the public phoned the police. The youngsters tried to loot us and behaved violently with my wife.” Matt said to the DailyMail.

According to the Police, the attackers were arrested within two hours of the complaint registration and all the stolen items were recovered from them.

In a country where guests are considered as Gods, such crimes will surely dent its image and will cause a significant damage to the tourism industry.While the swift action taken by the Police is applaudable, strict action must be taken against such people who are putting a blot on India’s image.


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