In yet another heinous and horrible case of crime against women a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped and strangled to death by three men in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district last week. What’s even more shocking is the fact that the accused have confessed that they did it ‘just for fun’.

Two accused arrested in the case have been identified as Zulfikar Abbasi and Dilshad belonging to Sikandarabad in Bulandshahr. Third accused Israil is still at large since the day of the rape. The heinous crime was committed by the trio on the night of January 2, a TOI report states.

According to cops, the two men confessed that on the day of the crime, they first watched a movie and consumed alcohol, after which they set out in a vehicle to kidnap a girl from the NH91 “for fun”. The 16 years old girl who was returning from the tutions was then dragged by the 3 men in their car and was gang-raped and strangled to death.

They (the accused) happened to spot the girl, who was returning home from tuition. They dragged her into their car on NH 91, just near the girl’s village of Chandpur. Then they gang-raped and strangled her to death. Later that night, they dumped the body in a canal in Bil Akbarpur village in Greater Noida and fled,” a cop was quoted by TOI.


Adding to the woes of the family the police had initially even refused to consider the allegations of murder and rape by the family and instead termed it as a case of elopement over a love affair.

However, now the department has added the sections related to POCSO,kidnapping and gangrape in the case.The car used for the crime has also been seized. According to TOI, the CCTV footage of a car showroom near the spot has clearly captured the men stopping the teenage girl who was on her cycle and dragging her to their car.


We are running out of words for the act of the rapists and their mindsets, who gave them the right to rape and kill a little girl “just for fun”? The shoddy investigation done by the cops in the case should also be monitored properly who despite the clear CCTV footages declared the case as of elopement instead of investigating it properly. We hope strict action is taken against those responsible for it.

The incident happened on 2nd of January and has reaffirmed our belief that only dates had changed these monsters haven’t.

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