Nothing could be a more proud moment for an army cadet when an Army General flies Ambala to Pune just to present his Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses as a token for keeping alive the army spirit during a cross-country race of National Defense Academy [NDA].

The cross country run of 13.8 km is an integral part of NDA curriculum and is compulsory for the second term to sixth term cadets to participate. Cadets are preappointed to one of the 18 squadrons and their performance significantly contributes to the evaluation of individual squadron.

The main objective of the cadets is not beating their mates, rather it is the completion of the race that’s what the stopped Chirag Arora from leaving his injured companion on the ground and continue running.

The final term cadet Chirag Arora from echo squadron spotted his junior Devesh Joshi from the same squadron 2.5 km prior to the finishing point lying on ground unconscious due to exhaustion. Rather than leaving him there, Chirag picked him up and ran carrying his junior on the back and completed the run.


“Both cadets are from the Echo Squadron. Final term army cadet Chirag Arora, who is also quartermaster sergeant of the squadron, saw his junior Devesh Joshi in a precarious condition and on the verge of collapse. Arora put Joshi on his back and carried him for half a km to finish the race in 55 minutes,” told an NDA officer to the Times of India on Tuesday.


The third generation cavalry office who is also a strike corps commander, Lieutenant General Alok Kler appreciated the move of the cadet and said, “The boy is from my own squadron and embodies the army’s spirit of leaving no man behind. He did the right thing,” as being reported by the Hindustan Times.

The training and the discipline of army officials are portrayed through their attitude and daily functioning of life. Even a small gesture from their admirers and seniors could be a reward for them and that’s all they crave for. Indian army is not hungry for appreciations and rewards as patriotism lives in their bones and muscles.

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