We are sure you have come across the viral ‘Kamlesh‘ video on Facebook and probably have shared memes and videos based on it.

But, was it just another video? Was it a light-hearted comedy? Was it targeted at making us laugh? The 3-minute long video is a section of a documentary called ‘Nashebaaz – The Dying People Of Delhi’ by Dheeraj Sharma.We came up with an article ranting against those who were trying to find out the humor in this serious case of drug addiction.

Even leading content creators created those insensitive “dank” memes for some easy likes and shares.The kid told that once he stopped taking drugs and had vomited blood. Vomited blood, was that a minor ailment to be just overlooked or mocked at?

Our article got support from so many followers who also didn’t find it funny.

Now once again a ‘Kamlesh’ video is getting viral. The video shows a ‘Kamlesh’ look-alike kid perfectly dressed in a school uniform who claims that he has now left taking ‘solution’ and has joined a school. 

The video was shared on many Facebook and Twitter handles and seeing the transformation in Kamlesh, people are now sharing the video.The same people who were mocking his addiction are now so happy and rightly so.

However, let us burst your bubble. Does the kid really look like Kamlesh to you?

Look at the shape of his forehead, look at his ears, look at his eyebrows, Listen to his voice. Even the director of the documentary has confirmed that he is not Kamlesh.

According to the director of the documentary, Dheeraj Sharma, Kamlesh is now 18 years old and the video was shot 6 years ago. Do you really think he will not grow in those 6 years!!

Speaking to DailySocial, Dheeraj said:
This new video is an absolute fake. First, they spread insensitive memes on Kamlesh and now they’re spreading the video of another child under Kamlesh’s name. I shot the documentary 6 years ago. Kamlesh is now 18-years-old.

The director is aware of his whereabouts but citing legal reasons he has said he would not be able to share the details. 

While we too would love to see Kamlesh in a better condition this is yet another attempt to gain some likes on the videos. No, every dark kid is not Kamlesh! Let’s not stoop so low for some likes and shares, that we start playing with human lives and emotions. Rest we leave up to you to decide whether he is Kamlesh or not?

Shame on the person who shot this fake video and tried to gain some likes and shares out of someone’s misery!

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