“We will stare at you, it’s in our genes. So, it is better you dress properly or else get ready to be stared at.” This is the common notion of most of the men in our society.

Every now and then girls in our society are told to dress “properly” not because their dressing is inappropriate; it is because people in our society think their dress is revealing or provoking and can make others feel uncomfortable. Everytime a girl passes across a group of men, she adjusts her clothes, be it a top, saree, suit or dupatta.

It’s not the dress that makes a woman uncomfortable or conscious, the stares that she gets from the perverts who treat a woman like a piece of meat. When you roam without t-shirt, when you pee in a public place, do women stare at you? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? No, right? Why can’t the same thing apply in case of the dominant side? Need to give some moments to these ideas. Those moments may change the society.

To all the men who think the dressing of a woman is a certificate of her character, will you please grow up?

Here is a video by Elle India and Wevolve Global, aimed at gender equality that asks women to break free from stereotypical thinking.

Grow up people!

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