There are a lot of kids who dream of flying in the sky when they are young, but only a handful of them go ahead to realize their dreams.Most of them succumb to the parental pressure or go ahead with the herd mentality, especially if you are a girl chances of getting admitted in a convenient course is much higher.

But here is a story that tells us we should never stop chasing our dreams.Meet Captain Anny Divya, world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777 who crossed many hurdles since her childhood to get her dream job. Since her childhood, Anny always wanted to become a pilot.


In a conversation with HT, Anny talked about the challenges that she faced due to her career choice.She was born in Pathankot. Later, her father, who was in army took voluntary retirement and settled in Vijayawadada where she completed her schooling .The other kids in her school used to make fun of her due to her unusual career choice of being a pilot.But, unlike most of the other stories, this one was awaiting a beautiful ending. Her parents were supportive and never pushed her into medical or engineering field.They always encouraged her to become a pilot.However, her relatives were not happy as at that time, being a pilot was not considered as a profession for a woman.

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Apart from some financial challenges Anny also faced difficulty in speaking English.She tells,”Since I grew up in Vijaywada, I could write and read English but speaking English was a major challenge that I had to overcome. Right after 12th, when I was 17 years old, I got through Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), the flying school in Uttar Pradesh. We took a loan for my education. The cultural change from a small town to a big city was overwhelming for me. I had difficulty adjusting and speaking English. People used to mock me for my poor English and that hurt me a lot. At times, I thought of going back. However, I didn’t. With my parents’ support, I worked hard enough to win a scholarship.

Anny completed her training when she was 19 years old and got a job offer with Air India.
When she came back she got the opportunity to fly Boeing 737. Ever since then, there has been no looking back. When Anny turned 21, she was sent to London for further training. It was then when she started to fly Boeing 777.

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Anny feels proud of the fact that despite being a male dominated field, India is leading over rest of the world when it comes to the number of female pilots.India has a 15% female pilots percentage as compared to world average of 5%.

Anny urges all parents to support their kids and signs off by saying,”Your parents are your biggest support, so trust them to keep you grounded. And last but not the least –there’s no substitute for hard work.”Anny is an inspiration for every woman out there and proves why you need to chase your dream despite all the

Anny is an inspiration for every woman out there and proves why you need to chase your dream despite all the difficulties.For Anny literally, Sky is the limit.

h/t: Hindustan Times

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