Hyderabad: The prime accused in the honour killing case created an alibi for himself to get his hands off of the case. T Maruthi Rao, who is the father of the girl, played the character by actor Venkatesh in the Telugu movie, Drusyham wherein he is seen taking revenge against the person who had meted out injustice to his daughter.

Speaking to TOI, the Nalgonda superintendent of police AV Ranganath said, “The accused, Maruthi Rao, tried to create an alibi and pose as an innocent man, like in the movie Drushyam. On September 14, the day of the murder, two hours before the crime was committed, he went to the joint collector’s office in Nalgonda and met officials to establish that he was not present at the scene of the offence. On the same day, while he was going to Nalgonda, he saw the district deputy SP and RDO and got down from his vehicle and spoke to them regarding Ganesh festival.”
“Despite all the efforts he made to create an alibi, we have collected technical and other evidence to prove his role in the murder,” the SP added.

Keeping the conspiracy a secret, Maruthi Rao did not mention anything to his wife.
“Maruthi Rao used his wife to get information regarding the movement of Pranay and Amrutha Varshini. After Amrutha became pregnant, her mother used to speak to her regularly. On September 13, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Amrutha spoke to her mother and told her that they were going to the hospital on Saturday, September 14, for a medical check-up. Unaware of the consequences, she informed Maruthi Rao that they were going to the hospital. Maruthi Rao immediately passed on the information to Abdul Bari, and Bari passed it on to Asghar Ali, who informed Subash,” said Ranganath.

The Nalgonda collector has been informed to inquire into the land dealings done by Maruthi Rao and take necessary actions for the same.
Ranganath also mentioned, “It is true that some officials connived with him. There is no involvement of Nayeem gang in this.”

This is yet another honour killing in India amongst so many, all because other things are more important than someone else’s life, even if that someone is none other than their own daughter or son.
Killing is anyway a crime and trying to hide it up to a level where one starts copying the tricks in any fiction movie, are heights.
Only if the parents start acting more responsible and instead of forbidding their children to Love, accept their feelings, all of this would never happen.

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