CBI has arrested one of its software programmer for developing an illicit software to subvert the railways Tatkal reservation system. The software was allowing hundreds of tatkal tickets to be booked in one go by the travel agents.

According to a TOI report, the arrested programmer is Ajay Garg and his front, Anil Gupta is the one who distributed the software. According to agency spokesperson Abhishek Dayal, they were selling the software to the travel agencies for a good price. Police have identified 10 agents until now, seven in Jaunpur and three in Mumbai.

Before joining CBI, Ajay Garg had worked with IRCTC for four years between 2007-11. During the above 4 years, he found the bug in the railway ticketing system and used it to develop the illegal software which would bypass the system check and allow to allocate tickets to travel agents instead of actual passengers.

Source : india.com

“Use of such software is illegal as per rules and regulations of IRCTC and also under the Railways Act. It was also alleged that the accused was collecting money for the use of such software by certain booking agents and had amassed huge wealth from these activities,” an official said to TOI.

CBI Director Alok Verma told to TOI, “The case is in line with our policy of having a robust internal mechanism of ensuring probity and having a zero tolerance towards corruption.


The CBI has recovered Rs 89.42 lakh in cash, gold jewelry valued at Rs 61.29 lakh, 15 laptops, 15 hard disks, 52 mobile phones, 24 SIM cards, 10 notebooks, six routers, four dongles and 19 pen drives while searching at 14 locations in
Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaunpur.

The CBI FIR states”…it usually takes 120 seconds in the normal course for the generation of a single PNR but this illegal software enables the user to book multiple Tatkal tickets online in much less time.”

Though the culprits were arrested, the vulnerabilities of the IRCTC system still exist. We hope strict action is taken against the programmer and other agents who were involved in using this software to book tickets. The IRCTC already faces a lot of backlash due to its Tatkal booking system and the agents always try to extort the money from common people in the name of Tatkal bookings and fixing such a vulnerability present in the system is the least that IRCTC can do.

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