A few days back we had posted a story about Arpan Verma whose video pointing out the cockroaches in CCD Jaipur had gone viral. The video clearly shows Arpan politely showing the cockroaches in CCD fridge that the CCD staffs were trying to hide by placing the menu over it, it also shows a female staff Priyanka Priyadarshini who was recording the act of Arpan after which she hurls curses at him and then suddenly slaps him.

Here is the video

Arpan Verma tried to bring the issue to the notice of CCD but got the reply after 15 days of the incident. CCD ensured that they will take appropriate action. However, instead of apologizing to Arpan the CCD female staff has filed a sexual harassment complaint against him.

The complaint has been filed at the Manak Chowk police station in Jaipur.The Hindustan Times quoted Priyanka Priyadarshini, the employee, as saying, “Around 1 pm on March 12, Verma and another person came to the café and ordered coffee and some beverages. When I told them that only coffee was available as the branch near Hawa Mahal was temporary, they got angry and Verma called me a slut and bitch.”

Arpan Verma, and his friend Nikhil Anand Singh said that this is CCD’s attempt at flipping the case, “CCD lawyer flipped the negotiations, asking us to drop the case against CCD, then only they will drop the FIR of sexual harassment.” , Nikhil tweeted.

Verma had earlier claimed in a tweet, “Being at the forefront of the abuses and threats received by the employees I started recording the abysmal state of hygiene wherein the cockroaches and other bugs present in the fridge were captured in the video and also depicted the employees who did not pay any heed to the request [sic].”

However, Priyadarshini claims otherwise. While she agreed there were cockroaches, she claims that Verma pointed the camera at her, which is when she slapped him.

Verma tweeted clarifying why he didn’t slap the employee back:

The Indian Feed take
We are really surprised by the manner in which CCD is handling the issue, instead of learning from their fault they are trying to frame the customer and putting themselves in bad light. While other brands across the world are striving for perfection by handling such issues properly, CCD seems to be misusing women protection laws for diluting the issue.

The fact that no such CCTV footage has been found that shows Arpan abusing the staff and also the complaint was filed after 15 days of the incident only after the video started getting viral makes the claims by Priyanka more suspicious. We have already failed our whistle-blowers in the past and in case the claims by Priyanka are found to be false it will increase the gap between both the genders.

Meanwhile #BoycottCCD started trending on twitter

These tweets make sense!

We really hope Jaipur police investigates the case properly and in case CCD and the woman are found guilty strict action must be taken for misusing the women protection law!

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