The privileged ones who are reading the news on their smartphones laptops can hardly imagine a place where occult practices and blind beliefs still prevail. One such place is Marigaon district of Assam that has the lowest literacy rate in the state. The beautiful piece of land in the lap of North East India is still far from the grip of development. A case has surfaced from its Bhoraltup village wherein a self proclaimed Godman was exploiting women in the name of ‘solving their problems with his supernatural powers’.

The man named Ram Prakash Chouhan who claims to have been blessed with powers of Lord Vishnu had set up a temple in the village in a context where his devotees could get to visit him. He earned immense popularity within a span of 3 months because of the extraordinary therapy he offered to solve problems of his devotees.

The man says that his Godly powers can be transmitted to whoever he kisses and can solve all his/her earthly problems. He exploited women the most and used to lure them saying his magical kisses can settle all their troubles including marital disputes.

After video clips and images of this fraud kissing, hugging women inappropriately aired on local news channels, police came to know about it and he along with his mother who advertised her son’s powers were arrested on 22nd August.

It’s been an year since Ram Rahim was put behind the bars and till now we haven’t conquered our blind faith in such Godmen. The Indian Feed appeals to all its readers to refrain themselves from such stupidity and secure themselves from forgeries.

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