Mumbai faces the ugliest face of the rainy season almost every year. Relentless showers leave the metro submerged hindering transports and trapping people here and there. Though BMC assures better preparedness every year, monsoon never gets any easier for Mumbaikars. Since early hours of Tuesday, Mumbai is under showers and flights, trains and roadways are already blocked/delayed.

At around 7:30 in the morning, a part of Gokhale bridge in Andheri collapsed and immediately below it ran the tracks of Andheri station. The remains of the collapse were lying on the way of a local train from Churchgate to Dahanu.


Had the train hit the hip of crumbles, the following accident could’ve claimed lives of hundreds of passengers. Thanks to the motorman Chandrashekhar Sawant, who used his presence of mind and the brakes simultaneously to stop the vehicle 55 meters before the site.


The train was running at the speed of about 50km/hour. We were just 50-60 meters away when I saw the bridge collapsing. It happened right in front of me. So I applied the emergency brakes and stopped just in time.”  Sawant was quoted as saying.


Some five people have been injured meanwhile but there is no any death tolls. A severe railway accident was avoided. And this proved that heroes don’t always come with superpowers or in uniforms.

His outstanding job has however not gone unnoticed. Railways minister Piyush Goyal applauded Sawant’s “quick thinking and timely action” and said he will get Rs 5 lakh as reward.

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