Rape leaves a scar in a woman’s life that can never be smoothened. But ain’t scars a mark of strength? A souvenir of the battles you’ve fought and not just a reminder of weakness? This is a story of one such scarred girl, who wasn’t scared to avenge atrocities against her that included betrayal, abduction, rape, assault, trafficking and forced prostitution.

Yes, she endured, survived, rose just like any Phoenix from the ashes and went back to show her culprits that she is NOT weak. As per Times Of India report, she is a 17 YO teen who met a man on her way to her school on diamond harbour area of West Bengal. Eventually, she fell for him and he brought him to Delhi with a promise of marriage.

But her so-called lover, later identified as Vineet was a married man who raped her several times. When she confronted him, he locked her up and thrashed her. Vineet’s wife too joined the cruelty and the girl was sold to a pimp. She then discovered herself in a brothel, where it was her duty to entertain 8-10 customers per day denying which she was beaten and left hungry.

An ugly aspect turns up here. The girl’s father, who earlier worked as a truck driver had to leave his job when ‘society’ came to know of the ordeal. He’s the victim’s father, after all. How can he not suffer?


A year in this hell, and she was finally rescued by a team of police during a raid. It took her months to recollect herself. Meanwhile, she decided to join an open school and appear for board exams. As she speaks to TOI, “studies would keep my mind occupied. After the results were declared, I decided to hit back at the people who ruined my life

She asked for help to an organistaion Shakti Vahini and local police. Shakti Vahini member, Rishi Kanth says, “we were amazed by her grit. She agreed to accompany the police team for raids and identified all of them”.


The pimp along with other two women who used to ‘groom’ her were arrested from GB road and Vineet along with his wife were nabbed from Loni. It was a joint venture carried out by West Bengal and Delhi police.

When she had seen Vineet, she had lost her consciousness. On regaining it back she slapped him for long enough though he was already in police custody by then.

So many forces tried to break her, yet she stood upright. They tried to crush her self-esteem and she ended up earning the respect of everyone who later came to know her story. Now she plans to finish her studies and work with the NGO.

Her fight wasn’t just another revenge. It was for safety many such girls of her kind who would’ve fallen prey to these flock of devils had they been not jailed. If you ever feel like giving up on life, recall her courage.
Way to go girl!

ht : TOI

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